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How the gym solves bullying

I haven’t had a serious “life or death” fight since I started training MMA. That’s a combination of luck, stupid people, and having the guts to walk away.

While going through school
I did have to deal with bullying.

There was a time where I looked like a nerd: glasses, braces, tall and skinny. An easy target, except I fought back. Between kids being assholes and teachers not doing anything, I even wound up getting suspended once. Continue reading

8 Lessons from 8 Months of Online Dating


A long time ago my dad taught me to always eat my fries first because otherwise your girl will steal them.

My uncle gave his own sage advice. “For the first date, you want to take her out for soda pops. And then for the second date, you take her out for ice creams (sic) And if the dates don’t go well, then you’re just out the cost of the soda pops.” Continue reading